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The following articles come from a variety of sources. Many were originally written as posts for Hrafnkell's blog, A Heathen's Day, a couple were published as articles on The Witches' Voice, one was a column published in the local newspaper, and some have been written by other Pagans, one from Finland and the other from Ireland, in order to provide a broader perspective and a wider range of topics.

They concern a variety of topics of interest to us here at Mos Maiorum, including the environment, religious reconstructionism and revivalism, the separation of Church and State, and the role of sacrifice in Paganism today, as well as Christianity past and present, especially as it impacts Paganism.

Where applicable, sources have been cited. Readers are strongly urged to read about subjects of interest to them and not to simply take our word, or the word of any one person, as the last word on the subject. Read, study, form your own opinions, making use of the reading list supplied here in our Community section and those sources supplied in the bibliographies of the works listed.

These articles represent a point of departure and of necessity, the author's own best opinion on the matters concerned. Unless otherwise noted, they are authored by Hrafnkell Haraldsson.

An Introduction to Paganism

Introductionary Essay

Paganism 101. Finding our Religion

Paganism 201. A Work in Progress: Notes on some challenges facing neo-Paganism

Paganism 301. The Argument for Sacrifice

Paganism 401. The Future of Paganism

General Polytheism

Apotheosis: Becoming a God in the Ancient World

Paganism's Problem

Finnish Paganism

Of Treehuggers and Woodland Sprites

Are Satanists Pagans?


The Reason for the Season: The True Story of Christmas

Reclaiming Religion

To Reconstruct or not to Reconstruct

Celsus: An Ancient Antidote to Fundamentalist Christianity

Heathenism (Asatru)

Hammer Time: Heathenism and Thor's Hammer


Heathenism: Shaping Your Own Fate

Heathen Intelligent Design

Heathen Sexuality

Heathen Karma