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There are always questions. When you say something, people want to know exactly what you mean. And with good reason. Misunderstandings and confusion are inevitable in any enterprise, and the highly volatile topic of religion is no exception - especially where faith comes into conflict with facts.

Indeed, the polarization of religious feeling in the United States since 2001 in particular has been taken to new heights by Fundementalist Christians, spurred on at every turn by President Bush's "Faith Based Initiatives," which seek to ignore, if not outright breach, the wall of separation guranteed by the Constitution. These, to the consternation of many, have unfortunately been carried forward by President Obama.

For these reasons, we provide the following list of questions and answers, based in large part on questions and comments received over the years on discussion groups, forums and blogs, as well as face-to-face interviews with both Christians and Pagans.

What is Mos Maiorum?

What does Mos Maiorum mean?

Why "Mos Maiorum" and not some other name?

What is Paganism?

Isn't Christianity an ethnic religion?

Given the choice of name, do you limit yourself to a Classical Pagan perspective?

Are you anti-Christian?

But Christians will argue that by demanding cessation of their moralistic rhetoric that you are persecuting them.

Is attacking Christian doctrine and dogma not anti-Christian?

What is anti-Paganism?

Is this not revisionist history, as modern apologists charge?

What about the claim that some modern Pagans make that Pagans should not say anything negative about other religions, including Christianity?