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Introductory Essay
The following series of articles were not written with the intention of forming part of a connected series, and there will be some overlap in content. However, they were all written from the same perspective, that is, a modern one, looking both back and forwards.

The general theme in all is this: "What is a Pagan, and how do I become one?"

If you are new to Paganism, we consider these articles to be a good place to start. They discuss all the essential questions and problems facing not only people new to Paganism, but the problems facing modern Paganism itself. So the "I" above becomes a "We" in a very important sense. Despite our diversity, we are all in this together.

It is important to remember that there are no easy answers. In reality, despite the title of that name, there can be no "Complete Idiot's Guide to Paganism." The topic is too large, the subject matter too diverse for any one book to handle. Even the chapter titles, one about "the" Goddess and one about "the" God give the completely wrong impression.

Read that book if you must, but rememeber it can be nothing more than a bare-bones introduction to the subject, and a necessarily limited one. It is often said in the Pagan community that "Heathenism is Wicca with homework" but we argue here that all Paganism should have homework.

But do not be discouraged. Remember, even in the religion you grew up in, most likely some form of Christianity, you had classes to attend. You cannot expect to pick up something new and know it through "osmosis" or some UPG (Unverified personal gnosis). You will find in our line of work that UPGs have their place, but they're not the right place to start.

It is important to know where you've been to know where you're going. Those are necessary components of any set of coordinates. They are necessary for life as well - and for reviving an ancient religion. You can make it up as you go but it won't be a revived religion then, but a new one, and that's a completely different subject.

We hope you will read along, and learn something in the process. Most of all, ask questions, and look for answers. Go the the local bookstore (used bookstores can be very useful), go the library, look online (but with great caution). We provide a reading list here as well as a set of outside links in our community section.

A last word: Do not believe everything you read. Question with the ferocity of Socrates, and be as demanding of the source you ask as you are of yourself.

Sidebar Notes

What is a Pagan and how do I become one?

No" Idiot's Guide" could do justice to the diversity of Paganism - ancient or modern.