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Reading List
The Internet can be an unreliable source of information. There are some excellent sites out there, but equally, there are some that range from misleading to completely unreliable. The Internet makes it possible for people to assume the role of "instant expert" and it is dangerous to believe what you see written unless the information includes at minimum a bibliography, and optimally, foot- or endnotes citing each piece of information. These are important because even if the titles of the works are cited, information can be taken out of context.

To that end, Mos Maiorum Foundation provides reading suggestions based on the scholarly content of the works in question. Actual Pagan scholarship is, at worst, in a sad state, if it can be said to exist at all. At the most optimistic, we might say that it is in its nascent stages. Works by reputable scholars in their fields are always to be preferred over publications such as Llewellyn, which privileges magic spells over cultic acts.

The following works are recommended to anyone interested in further exploring the history of Paganism and early Christianity. They will help in uncovering the truth of our polytheistic past as well as the truth about the myths Christianity has built up around itself in its 2000 year history. This list, while not exhaustive, provides a sound base upon which to build. Readers are encouraged to further explore the works listed in each book's bibliography.

Note of Caution
Though we include a link to Wikipedia, readers should be aware of Wikipedia's uneven quality of content. College professors do not accept Wikipedia as a source of information for very good reasons. Wikipedia should, rather, be seen as a point of departure. Some of the better articles there cite reputable sources. Use this bibliographical information to further your own researches rather than relying what is written in the article itself. Be aware also that many religion-related articles have a Christian bias.


On Polytheism
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On Christianity

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