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Religion That Works
Ancient Pagans, that is, ethnic religionists - people of the place - and indeed, ethnic religionists today, understand something monotheists do not: True Religion is religion that works.

Works for you.

There is no religion that's true for everyone. That is a conceit of monotheism.

And you know what monotheism is? It's an ethnic religion, a religion of the place - or, as in the case of Christianity, a movement born of an ethnic religion (Judaism) - that had monotheism forced upon them by a militant minority, and decided that their particular religion, which was true for them, was now true for everyone else as well.

Why should we take their word for it? We have our own religion, our own truths, truths that have served us, served our ancestors well for thousands of years. What right does an alien religion have to say our truths are lies?

Let them keep their truths; we will keep ours.

Unlike so-called "universal" religions, ethnic religions can coexist. They can break down barriers - cultural, ethnic, and religious. They can all be true at the same time for those who follow them. Since all gods exist, all religions can be true.

All they have to do is work.

What makes a religion work? A religion that works for a people is one that satisfies those peoples needs. Their spiritual needs. Their emotional needs.

Quite obviously, indigenous religions do work. Very few ethnic religions have ever thrown off their native beliefs willingly. Most often, conversion is accomplished through threats and violence - at the point of a sword.

The reason is simple: people like their beliefs. They're comfortable with the customs and traditions of their ancestors. They don't want to change, and they resist attempts to change them. That is why Christianity had such a difficult time destroying Paganism.

And that is why, now, with the church's hold loosened, Paganism is back. Historically, Paganism underwent a revival any time the church's influence diminished.

Christianity spent hundreds of years eradicated every alternative to itself. It spent a thousand years afterwards maintaining its grip through force and through fear and threats of violence.

Is a religion that has to use force to remain in existence really all that compelling? Can a religion that feels the need to privilege its particular truths and to destroy all others, still be true religion?

Such a religion is an aberration. It is unnatural. And it no longer works. If it did, it wouldn't need to resort to fear; it wouldn't need to resort to force in order to maintain itself.

Ethnic religion was good enough for our ancestors. And it is good enough for us. It is original religion. It is natual religion. And it is religion that works.

Sidebar Notes

True Religion is religion that works

Religions that work can coexist; they can cross barriers - cultural, ethnic, and religious